Tell Me What You're Reading #4: Emma Holland on the love of words, reading, highlighting, rereading . . . The Art of Reading + "Too Much and Not the Mood", by Duga Chew-Bose.

Emma’s enthusiasm and love for reading is infectious. Emma reads almost entirely for words, rather than story, Emma loves to hold her books in her hands, highlights compulsively, is usually reading several books at a time, rereads her comfort books, and comfort passages from those books, and, according to her terrific interview with the online journal Girls at Library, loathes lending books to others, even to her Mom. This is a woman who truly loves literature and her books.

Tell Me What You’re Reading #3: Jim Finnegan on a literary tour de force, from Haruki Murakami to Joe Ide, Jennifer Egan, Stephen King and many others

Jim provides an impressive tour of novels, short stories, histories, detective and spy tales, magical realism, library books and the travail of audio books, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, “By the Book” from The New York Times Book Review, and Symphony Space on the upper west side of Manhattan. Hard as it may be to believe, there is a bit of a connection between and among the 30+ books and other materials we discuss.