Little Free Library @ Marty’s Mercantile on Route 28A in West Shokan, New York

Bookworms In The Wild is pleased to announce the opening, at Marty’s Mercantile on Route 28A in West Shokan, New York, of our first Little Free Library. Stocked with books donated by a number of friends (and special thanks to my personal book dealer, Marlene Lippmann), our Little Free Library supplements our “Tell Me What You’re Reading” podcast ( effort to encourage reading. Hoping to find a way to collaborate with the wonderful nearby Olive Free Library. Stop by Marty’s for breakfast or lunch and take a book, or leave a book for someone else to read.

Tell Me What You're Reading #18: Orrick Pride Month Celebration - The Great Believers

We recorded this special episode of our podcast at the offices of my law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe as part of Orrick’s celebration of Pride Month and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

I’m very proud to say that Orrick has a long standing commitment to inclusiveness that enables the LGBTQ lawyers and staff of the firm to be authentic and to thrive. LGBTQ Inclusiveness and Leadership @Orrick

In connection with our Pride Month Celebration, we recorded a podcast discussion of the very moving, beautiful and at the same time devastating, award winning novel, The Great Believers, by Rebecca Makkai, about the AIDs epidemic in Chicago in the 1980s, its impact on the young gay men and on the survivors as well.

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Tell Me What You’re Reading #17: Josh Raff and his "Six Feet of Books"

Josh Raff, an accomplished reader and an emerging writer, publishes a blog, which is called “Unbarred” and which is about food, wine, travel, books and , as he says, “other stuff”. The focus of our podcast discussion was on several sets of books, which Josh refers to as either “twinned” or “paired” books + additional books that Josh is reading.

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Tell Me What You’re Reading #16 Kate McGloughlin: Requiem for Ashokan, The Story Told in Landscape

  • Kate McGloughlin is a painter and printmaker (and storyteller), and through her paintings, poetry and prose, Kate’s book, Requiem for Ashokan, The Story Told in Landscape, is her outlet to tell a personal story with universal themes of tragedy, loss, grief, confusion and rage, as well as of migration, shared resources, competition for resources, and the importance of fair treatment by the government.

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Bookstores for Bookworms in the Wild

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Bookstores for Bookworms in the Wild
The Strand

Books of Wonder Chelsea/ UWS

The Corner Bookstore NYC

McNally Jackson SoHo/ Williamsburg

Books Are Magic Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

WORD Greenpoint, Brooklyn/ Jersey City

Stories Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The Golden Notebook Woodstock, NY

Half Moon Books Kingston, NY

Rough Draft Bar & Books Kingston, NY

Briars & Brambles Books Wyndham, NY

Alexander Book Company - San Francisco

Powell's Books Portland OR

Northshire Bookstore Saratoga, NY

Bunch of Grapes Martha’s Vineyard MA

The Hickory Stick Bookshop Washington Depot, CT

Politics and Prose Washington, DC

Farley’s Bookshop New Hope PA

Daunt Books Marylebone High Street, London

Tell Me What You’re Reading - Season 1

  • From Bookworms in the Wild and from Anchor, I’m Howard Altarescu and this is a summary of Season 1 of my podcast called “Tell Me What You’re Reading”.

Ep. 1, the history of comic books and graphic novels with Dr. Frank Burbrink of the American Museum of Natural History. Released on 9/6/18. As of 12/31/18: 268 plays

Ep. 2, a call to action in the context of the history of the formation of our country and the post civil war era, with Dr. Hardin Coleman, former Dean of the Boston University School of Education. Released on 9/14/18. As of 12/31/18: 131 plays

Ep. 3, Haruki Murakami, Thomas McGuane, Robert Caro and several other great writers and their novels, short stories, histories, detective and spy tales, and magical realism, with my old friend Jim Finnegan. Released on 9/20/18. As of 12/31/18: 185 plays

Ep. 4, memoirs, essays, fiction and nonfiction by Durga Chew-Bose and several other Brooklyn and NYC based writers, with Emma Holland of the Repo Rights Zine and of The Wing. Released on 9/27/18. As of 12/31/18: 189 plays

Ep. 5, Stephen King, with “superfan”, Maya Prohovnik of Anchor, + Maya’s favorite book of all time, a sci-fi tale featuring a barrel full of monkeys. Released on 10/4/18. As of 12/31/18: 143 plays

Ep. 6, a mix of novels (including dystopian novels) and nonfiction, including the haunting VietNam War reflection, The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, with Marty Lynch and Dom Sallustro and Emily, Victoria and Adrianna of Marty’s Mercantile in West Shokan, NY. Released on 10/15/18. As of 12/31/18: 85 plays

Ep. 7, books about women filled with anger, and sometimes, rage in response to the unique challenges they face, currently and historically, with Payton Turner, co-founder and the Editor-in-Chief of Girls at Library, and co-founder, CEO and head designer of the design studio Flat Vernacular. Released on 10/23/18. As of 12/31/18: 131 plays

Ep. 8, classic children’s books by Richard Scary, Eric Carle, Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss, Bruno Munari and many others, with Youngna Park, Executive Director of Parenting @ The New York Times. Released on 10/31/18. As of 12/31/18: 140 plays

Ep. 9, a virtual “roundtable” discussion of additional classic children’s books, including great ones by Mo Willems, Judith Kerr, Jill Murphy, Michael Rosen and Margaret Wise Brown, with friends in New York, Arkansas, London and Milan, Canem, Salama, Sushila, Madeleine, Laura, Eva and Yaw. Released on 11/30/18. As of 12/31/18: 105 plays

Ep. 10, novels by best selling author and 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout + the novels of Sebastian Barry, etc., with my friend Joe Polizzotto. Released on 12/23/18. As of 12/31/18: 91 plays

Tell Me What You’re Reading #10: Joe Polizzotto discusses the novels of Elizabeth Strout and other great novelists

Joe discusses the works of Elizabeth Strout an American novelist, best selling author and 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction for her novel Olive Kitteridge. Strout was born and raised in Portland, Maine, and her experiences in her youth are said to have served as inspiration for her novels. Joe also discusses the works of the great Irish novelist Sebastian Barry, and others.

Tell Me What You're Reading #8: Conversation with Youngna Park, Executive Director of Parenting at The New York Times - Children's Books; what to read to your kids!

Youngna discusses what she’s  reading to her “almost” three year old, how and when children start to read, rhyming and musicality, cadence and sounds, silliness, and darkness, illustrations, the lasting power of children’s books about broad subjects, perhaps especially the moon, and more generally about the children’s book genre.

Tell Me What you’re Reading #6: Conversations at Marty’s Mercantile in West Shokan: our geological beginnings, Of Mice and Men and Moby Dick, dystopian tales and sobering memories of war.

Marty and Dominick are interesting, but it is Victoria and Emily who offer thought provoking interest in dystopian tales, leading to reflections on the ability of George Orwell, in 1949, to predict the future, and it is Adrianna who introduced me to The Things They Carried, which led to sobering reflections on the Vietnam War, the Korean War and as far back as WWI.

Tell Me What You're Reading #4: Emma Holland on the love of words, reading, highlighting, rereading . . . The Art of Reading + "Too Much and Not the Mood", by Duga Chew-Bose.

Emma’s enthusiasm and love for reading is infectious. Emma reads almost entirely for words, rather than story, Emma loves to hold her books in her hands, highlights compulsively, is usually reading several books at a time, rereads her comfort books, and comfort passages from those books, and, according to her terrific interview with the online journal Girls at Library, loathes lending books to others, even to her Mom. This is a woman who truly loves literature and her books.

Tell Me What You’re Reading #3: Jim Finnegan on a literary tour de force, from Haruki Murakami to Joe Ide, Jennifer Egan, Stephen King and many others

Jim provides an impressive tour of novels, short stories, histories, detective and spy tales, magical realism, library books and the travail of audio books, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, “By the Book” from The New York Times Book Review, and Symphony Space on the upper west side of Manhattan. Hard as it may be to believe, there is a bit of a connection between and among the 30+ books and other materials we discuss.